Collection: ACRONYM

ACRONYM Clothing

ACRONYM clothing is a German technical apparel brand, renowned for its uncompromising focus on functional fashion. What started as a consulting design agency has evolved into an enigmatic, elusive fashion brand with a laser-focused approach and a small seasonal output of expertly crafted clothing.

ACRONYM began life in 1994, when founders Errolson Hugh and Michaela Sachenbacher started lending support to outdoor brands like Protective and Burton Snowboards. The duo’s partnership with Burton gave them a wealth of experience in marker technology, which sparked an idea: to apply the hard-wearing performance of snowboarding attire to a range of everyday clothing. After the idea was repeatedly rejected, ACRONYM decided to launch the range themselves, releasing their debut ‘Kit-1’ collection in 2002.

Alongside the tough, punk-rock spirit of snowboarding, ACRONYM was largely inspired by Hugh’s childhood karate lessons. Realising the freedom and versatility of his karate uniform, Hugh wanted to create an ergonomic range that integrated functionality with avant-garde design thinking.

With no marketing, PR or advertising, ACRONYM’s success comes solely from the uncompromising quality of their products. In fact, until 2009, Hugh and Sachenbacher were the only two employees in the business. Although they’ve expanded as their cult following has grown, their dedication to function is as obsessive and unwavering as ever.