Collection: Aries


Aries clothing, or ‘Aries Arise’, is an eclectic fusion of high-fashion and streetwear. Founded by streetwear legends Sofia Prantera and Fergus Purcell (better known as Fergadelic), the brand is the culmination of decades of design experience, funnelled into a range of experimental tees, jeans and accessories.

Aries clothing is a brand of contrasts. After struggling to reconcile her love of fashion and beautifully made clothes with her passion for anti-fashion movements and streetwear, Sofia decided to create a brand that celebrates both. It’s a throwback to the 80s, when streetwear and fashion were one and the same.

Sofia and Fergus are no strangers to streetwear fashion. Back in the 90s, Sofia founded the premium streetwear label Silas, which is when she met the graphics guru Fergadelic. Best known for his iconic work with PALACE skateboards, Fergus has worked with everyone from Marc Jacobs to Katie Hillier, earning him a Banksy-level of fame in the world of graphic design. Now, the pair have joined forces to create Aries, which is set to be the ultimate statement label.

Proudly hand dyeing and printing everything in their studio, Aries clothing is the antithesis of fast-fashion and high-street culture – allowing them to be original, experimental and slightly subversive. The devotion to experimentation also means the designers can be less wasteful, using off-cuts of leather and leftover fabrics.

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