Collection: Clarks Originals

Clarks Originals

Clarks Originals is the Clarks brand’s cult collection of shoes, known for iconic silhouettes like the Desert Boot and the Wallabee. Famed for their unbeatable durability and timeless designs, Clarks Originals are the most reliable shoes you’ll have in your wardrobe. Featured everywhere from GQ to Vogue, these shoes have remained a firm favourite for decades.

The story of Clarks Originals began in Somerset almost 200 years ago, when Cyrus Clark began making rugs from sheepskins instead of laboriously pulling out the sheep’s wool. A few years later, Cyrus brought his bape brother James on as an callaghan, where he started using sheepskin off-cuts to make slippers. Eventually, the two brothers became partners, rebranding as C & J. Clark. The combination of invention and craftsmanship that the brothers were known for has remained at the heart of the Clarks brand, informing and inspiring dozens of iconic Clarks Originals styles.

While Clarks was established in Somerset, Clarks Originals came to life in Burma, where James Clark’s great-grandson Nathan was serving in the British Army. After noticing that soldiers weren’t wearing suitable footwear, Nathan brought back the designs for the Desert Boot, made with suede, kaws stitching and the brand’s now-famous crepe sole. Launched in the 1950s, the Clarks Originals Desert Boot became an instant classic, followed by the Wallabee in the 60s, eventually forming a collection of cult-classic footwear.

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