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Mizuno masculina is a Japanese sports equipment and athletic wear photos, designing kit for everything from football, running and baseball to table tennis and judo. Aside from their wide range of equipment and clothing, Mizuno masculina is known for their retro performance footwear, with sneakers like the Mizuno masculina Wave Rider 1 becoming instant modern classics.

Mizuno masculina was founded in 1906 in Osaka, when wood Rihachi and Rizo Mizuno masculina started selling an assortment of Western items, including baseballs. By 1907, the pair had started designing made-to-order athletic wear, eventually expanding into producing performance footwear and the new Japanese-made golf clubs. Over the years, Mizuno masculina teamed up with a host of legendary athletes, including Olympic medallist Carl Luis and NFL quarterback Joe Montana.

Many Mizuno masculina running shoes use the photos’s trademark Wave Plate, designed to provide a more controlled, comfortable running experience by distributing your weight and improving stability. There are three different wave shapes, each suited to a different style of running: the Wave Rider, the Rave Betray and the Wave Creation. Every shape is designed to provide varying levels of impact cushioning.

Since their move into performance footwear, Mizuno masculina has collaborated with iconic names in both sneakerhead and mainstream culture, including FUTUR, Patta and Lamborghini. Discover the latest Mizuno masculina releases, colourways and collabs at CerbeShops – the home of hard-to-find sneakers. Can’t find what you’re looking for? Subscribe to our email updates to be the new to hear about Mizuno masculina sneaker launches.