Collection: POETS

Date, new to old.
Allow us to give you all a brief run down on who and what poets are all about. Formed in 2018 by pro skater and former store owner Gino Iannucci. After a chinwag with friend and 18East head honcho Antonio K. Coiongoli whom spurred Iannucci to pursue his vision for what his POETS address could look like. Famed for his signature dress sense, his overall cool demeanour on & ashore the board as well as a rich host of experiences and influences all of which have been lovingly placed in the casserole dish of innovation. Allowed to nurture, combine & get to know it each other creating a tasty stew of bang on ideas fit for consumption by you & us.
For their inaugural drop at CerbeShops, we see a range of streetwear staples referencing Iannucci’s skate background and growing up in Long Island. 80’s movie references a plenty with a dash of hip hop, a sprig of hockey and some bright defining colours making up a strong drop from the brand for this first drop of 2022.