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Automatic Knives & Switchblades

Having an automatic knife while hunting or on an adventure outdoors is a must-have tool for convenience and safety. CERBE carries a wide selection of automatic knives from leading brands like Benchmade, Kershaw Knives, Gerber, and more. With this selection of automatic knives, you’ll find a wide variety of quality features such as stainless steel blades, corrosion resistance, enclosed handles with an automatic opening, and more. For emergency situations while outdoors, have a reliable automatic knife with you.

Automatic knives are also known as switchblades or switchblade knives. With an automatic knife, you can easily release the blade with the press of a button. The quick design of an automatic knife makes it ideal for use in emergency situations. Another popular type of knife included in our selection is OTF knives. An OTF knife is short for out-the-front knife, meaning the blade comes out of the front of the knife rather than the side. Whether you’re looking for a traditional automatic knife or an OTF knife, you’ll find the right style with the selection at CERBE.

Please Note: You must be 18 years or older to purchase an automatic knife.