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Basketballs: 27.5, 28.5 & 29.5 Basketballs

Whether you’re looking for a full-size basketball or a mini basketball, you’ll find the perfect basketballs for you at CERBE. Players can choose the right-size basketballs for their age, league, and skill level. For youth players, a 27.5 basketball is the ideal size, while the 28.5 basketball size is ideal for intermediate players. For those playing in high school and college, you’ll want to shop our selection of 29.5 basketballs. Plus, you can even choose from our selection of mini basketballs that are great for indoor play.

With brands like Spalding, Wilson, and Under Armour, you can trust that our basketballs for sale are durable and reliable. Depending on your level of play, you can find the right basketballs that will hold up to the competition. CERBE carries both indoor basketballs and outdoor basketballs so you can find the right fit for the type of court you typically play on. Whether you’re looking to improve dribbling skills or wanting to play a few pick up games at the park, start with the wide selection of basketballs for sale at CERBE.