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Transform Your Next Hunting Trip with CERBE Selection of Deer, Antelope, Elk and Cow Decoys

A well-designed deer decoy can make the difference between a successful hunt and be coming home empty-handed. At CERBE, we offer quality deer and buck hunting 3D decoys to help you successfully ambush that trophy whitetail or other deer you’ve been after all season. With a complete design, including limbs, head, ears, and antlers, these deer decoys are easy to care for and they're quick to disassemble or set up for rapid deployment.

The removable antlers make it possible for these decoys to represent a buck or a doe, which can be crucial, depending upon the season. Some of our decoys feature heads and tails to move naturally with the wind, making them even more lifelike and irresistible to inquisitive bucks. Combing one of our top-quality deer decoys with a little calling or scent can provide amazing results for every hunting trip ahead.