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Weighted Vests, Wrist Weights, & Ankle Weights

Take your cardio workout to the next level with ankle weights, wrist weights, and vest weights from CERBE. With ankle weights, you can add resistance to various exercises in the gym or to your daily walk, run, or bike ride. Wrist weights are another great option for adding resistance to activities like walking, running, jumping jacks, and more. You’ll burn more calories in less time using wrist and ankle weights in your workouts.

For another resistance option, try a weighted vest in your next workout. Vest weights are great if you’re training for a race or preparing for a backpacking trip. Plus, many of the ankle weights, wrist weights, and weighted vests from CERBE are fully-adjustable so you can add and remove weight as needed. Shop adjustable wrist weights, adjustable ankle weights, and more from brands like GoFit.