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About Case Preparation

When it comes to hand loading, a little work and preparation in advance can go a long way to creating the quality bullets and shot you want to create. At CERBE, we're here to help you do the best prep at the front end to ensure the best results at the back end with a wide selection of tools and supplies that will help you get the top results.

Our case preparation reloading tools and supplies include cleaning media that will get your cases clean and shiny, looking like brand new no matter how much they've been used or abused. Put your dirty, tarnished cases in a tumbler with our quality cleaning media and you'll end up with brass that gleams and sparkles like new. We also have all-natural corn cob polishing media for that fine final polish.

In addition to cleaners and polishers, we also carry cleaning and drying machines that will make your prep faster and easier. Other machines in our inventory will let you trim brass to the exact case length you desire. Don't forget to get some case length gauges in the caliber you need, including .44 magnum, .38 special and .30-.30 Winchester.