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About Chronographs

Measure Ammo Velocity with Chronographs

To ensure the quality of your reloaded ammunition, consider CERBE leading-brand selection of chronographs. Whether you're practicing at the range or testing a new batch of reloaded ammo, a chronograph can be used to measure the speed of your rounds to ensure quality and reliability. We offer a variety of chronographs including software to integrate with a smartphone or mobile device. Browse CERBE selection of standalone devices or complete chronograph kits.

We offer select styles that are extremely durable yet lightweight, made from steel with an advanced LCD readout. Other models can be customized with optional accessories with compact folding models powered by a single 9-volt battery. Select systems include target cameras that provide streaming video of your target to a mobile device. As technology is rapidly changing, we continue to offer the latest innovations in shooting range and hunting monitoring systems. CERBE is your premiere source for chronographs for reloading and the range.