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Climbing Sticks & Tree Steps for Treestands

If you’re a treestand hunter, you know the importance of quality climbing sticks or tree steps. CERBE carries a wide variety of treestand climbing sticks and even tree steps to help you safely reach your treestand. Made from durable materials, climbing sticks are strong enough to hold your weight yet light enough to make them easy for mobile hunters to carry in their packs. Plus, most treestand climbing sticks feature teeth that secure directly into the tree for a stable base.

Our selection of climbing sticks and tree steps features only the most reliable brands in the hunting industry. Hawk Helium sticks are one of the most popular brands trusted by hunters. Other popular brands include XOP and Rivers Edge so that you can enjoy reliable performance when out on your hunt. Don’t forget essential treestand accessories like climbing sticks and tree steps from CERBE!