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Climbing Treestands for Mobile Hunters

Hunt from above and stay hidden with a climbing treestand from CERBE. Climbing stands are the most portable treestand and feature unique systems that allow you to climb the tree using the stand. At CERBE, we carry climbing stands from top brands like Summit and Lone Wolf so you can safely and securely climb to your vantage point. Whether you want the added mobility of a climbing deer stand or want to carry less gear, you’ll find a quality climbing treestand for your next hunt at CERBE.

For easy carrying, climbing deer stands are made from lightweight yet durable materials and feature carrying straps. A climbing deer stand is ideal for those hunters who like to follow the changing deer patterns. If you’re looking for a quality climbing stand, make sure to browse the selection of Summit climbing stands. With a Summit climbing stand, you’ll enjoy the best quality and comfort available. Find the right climbing stand for your next hunt with the selection at CERBE.