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Whether you’re hunting or target shooting, using a high-quality crossbow scope or crossbow sight is important to increase accuracy for better target acquisition. If you’re in the market for your first crossbow scope or need an upgrade, start with the selection at CERBE. We carry a variety of industry-leading brands like Hawke, HHA Sports, and Ravin so you can trust you’re buying one with the latest features and technologies to make for a more successful hunt or time at the range.

Depending on your hunting environment and preferences, you’ll want to pay attention to specific features when buying. Crossbow scopes come in different magnification levels and reticles so that hunters can zoom in on distant targets, providing a clear view and helping in better target acquisition. Plus, many scopes feature illuminated reticles to provide better visibility in low-light conditions. Additional features of both crossbow scopes and sights include waterproof, fog proof, and shockproof technology. When you’re ready to up your crossbow hunting game, start with the selection of crossbow scopes at CERBE.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Crossbow Scopes Have Magnification?

Yes, crossbow scopes have magnification. Just like traditional rifle scopes, crossbow scopes list a magnification power and objective lens diameter of the scope so that you’re able to find the perfect fit for your style of hunt.

What are the Distances on a Crossbow Scope?

Most crossbow scopes display distances in increments of 10 yards. Typically, the top line or dot is what you use to “zero in” your crossbow, and this is done at 20 yards out.