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About Crossbows

Crossbows & Crossbow Packages

Whether you're hunting or target shooting, you need a reliable crossbow for accuracy and precision. CERBE carries a variety of different crossbows and crossbow packages from industry-leading brands including TenPoint, Ravin, CenterPoint, and more. Because they're equipped with advanced sighting systems, like sights and scopes, crossbows are built for speed, accuracy, and power so you can aim and shoot with confidence. If you're looking to elevate your hunting or target shooting, start with the selection of crossbows at CERBE.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Crossbows More Effective than Bows?

Typically, compound bows can accurately hit a target between 30 and 60 yards for the average shooter, while a crossbow accurately hits a target out to 100 yards. Despite the range difference, compound bow hunting is still more popular because many states have strict regulations around crossbows.