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Elk Calls for Hunting

Attract more elk on your next hunt with a realistic elk call from CERBE. Our selection of elk calls includes several styles like elk bugles, cow elk calls, elk diaphragm calls, and more. With leading brands like Phelps Game Calls, Primos, and Rocky Mountain, you’ll find an elk call designed for realistic tones. Whether you’re a novice caller or an experienced elk hunter, you’ll find the right elk call for a successful hunt.

Looking to create loud bugles and other elk bull sounds? Check our selection of elk grunt tubes and bugle calls. If you want to create the high-pitched, nasally sounds of a cow elk, shop our selection of diaphragm elk calls and open-reed calls. We also carry elk calf calls to entice mature elk to venture closer. From the woods to the backcountry, find the best elk call for your next hunt at CERBE.