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Low-Impact Cardio: Elliptical & Cross Trainer Machines

Looking for a low-impact cardio workout? An elliptical machine or cross-trainer machine is a good choice to add to your home gym. CERBE carries a selection of elliptical machines from trusted brands like ProForm. Whether you’re looking for a basic elliptical or one loaded with all the features, you’ll find the perfect options with our elliptical machine selection. Don’t let an injury set you back with your fitness goals—an elliptical machine is easy on the joints while still increasing your heart rate. If you’re in search of an elliptical for sale, start with our variety at CERBE.

Another type of exercise machine is a cross-trainer machine. We carry cross-trainer machines from top brands like ProForm and Bowflex. Cross trainer machines are very similar to elliptical machines; however, cross trainer machines have moving handlebars to give you an upper-body workout too. Many people use the terms elliptical and cross trainer interchangeably. No matter what style of elliptical machine you’re looking for, the selection at CERBE is bound to have the right option for you.