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Fishing Gloves & Fileting Gloves

Shop CERBE selection of fishing gloves to keep your hands protected on the water. The right pair of fishing gloves will keep your hands protected from sharp teeth, cuts, and rogue hooks. Our selection of fishing gloves is available in a variety of colors to choose from. Fishing gloves still allow you to handle your tools and simply handle fish while staying protected. With top brands like Simms fishing gloves and Rapala, you know you’re getting a high-quality pair of fishing gloves when you shop at CERBE. Make sure you have a pair of fishing gloves you can rely on for your next fishing trip.

During sunny summer days, a pair of Simms fishing gloves can protect you from sunburn. Not to mention, there are days when the bugs are biting more than the fish so skin coverage is a necessity. Whether you need a pair of fishing gloves for sun protection or bug protection, our selection of fishing gloves will meet your needs. An overlooked detail of fishing gloves is how they allow you to grip and hold fish more effectively when filleting fish. Plus, fishing gloves are a great way to introduce others to fishing if they don’t feel comfortable touching fish. Get gloves for the whole family with our wide selection of kids’ fishing gloves and adult fishing gloves.