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Kayak fishing is becoming more and more popular with each season. Buying a fishing kayak is a more affordable option compared to purchasing a new bass boat and anglers are able to quietly maneuver to more remote areas without spooking the fish. If you’re looking for the best fishing kayak for you, start with the variety at CERBE. We carry all the leading brands like Hobie, Old Town, and Pelican all offering a variety of different price points to fit your level of experience.

For the ultimate kayak fishing set-up, there are a few key features to consider when purchasing your first one. You’ll find two main types—sit-on-top and sit-in fishing kayaks. Sit-in models are typically the most popular because they offer more coverage from the wind and water. You’ll also want to consider the length as a shorter kayak is easier to maneuver but won’t offer the speed that a longer one will. Last, consider the amount of storage the kayak offers. Fishing requires plenty of gear, so finding a fishing kayak with plenty of storage is a must. If you’re looking to try out kayak fishing or need to upgrade, start with the selection at SCHEEELS.