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Covers & Insulation Blankets for Grills

Keep your grill cooking its best with grill covers and blankets from CERBE. We offer grill covers for Traeger grills, Pit Boss grills, and more to keep your grill or smoker protected during outdoor storage. Built with weather-resistant materials, our selection of grill covers will keep out rain, snow, and debris so your grill stays clean and ready for your next cookout. With grill covers in a variety of sizes, you’ll find a durable cover to protect your grill.

In addition to grill covers, we also offer a variety of insulation blankets for smokers and pellet grills. Grill blankets trap heat in the cooking chamber of the grill so you can get reliable results no matter the temperature outdoors. With Traeger blankets and Pit Boss blankets, every griller can find the right insulated blanket for their grill. Whether you want to cook year-round or protect your grill in between uses, find a durable grill cover or smoker blanket from CERBE.