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Deer Attractants & Minerals from Top Brands

Shop a wide selection of deer minerals and attractants from CERBE. Whether you have a go-to brand to stock up on or you’re looking for some new options, you’ll find what you need at CERBE! One of the most popular deer minerals we carry is a salt lick for deer. Deer salt licks are not only irresistible to deer, but they also offer key vitamins and minerals for their growth. With a deer mineral block, you'll draw in plenty of healthy deer for the upcoming hunting season.

If you prefer deer minerals outside of block form, brands like Trophy Rock also carry mineral supplements that can be sprinkled wherever you please! A deer mineral block is a perfect way to get deer to come back to your hunting location and keep them healthy, but it's important to also use deer attractants to lure them into the area. In addition to deer minerals like salt licks, we also carry deer attractants like Acorn Rage and Big & J corn attractants or liquid attractants to combine smell and flavor. Get ready for your season with deer minerals and deer attractants from CERBE!