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Paddles for Kayaks, SUPS & Canoes

Make propelling your kayak, SUP board, or canoe easier with a durable yet lightweight paddle. Whether you’re needing a kayak paddle, SUP paddle, or canoe paddle, CERBE carries a wide variety of different options to match your favorite paddle sport. With paddles from trusted brands like Bending Branches, Old Town Canoe, Aqua Bound, and more, you’ll find a reliable option for taking on the lake, stream, or river. Our kayak paddles come in sizes for any paddler from adults to kids and many have comfortable grips to reduce fatigue. If you’re looking for a SUP paddle, we carry a wide variety of adjustable paddles so that anyone at the lake can enjoy time paddling around. We even have canoe paddles to help you steer in a straight line. With our wide variety of kayak paddles, canoe paddles, and SUP paddles, you’ll find the right choice to make the most of your time on the water.