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Pepper Spray & Pepper Spray Guns for Self Defense

Stay safe when walking out to your car, on a solo run, or in an unfamiliar area with a compact pepper spray device. CERBE carries a wide selection of pepper spray and pepper spray guns for personal or home defense from leading brands like SABRE. Used by police and civilians alike, SABRE pepper spray is the most-trusted brand offering protection up to 10 feet while remaining compact for easy carrying. Our selection also features pepper spray guns for home defense that help deter invaders.

If you’re going hiking, hunting, or camping in a remote area, make sure to bring bear spray along. CERBE carries a selection of bear spray from trusted brands like Counter Assault to help when defending you and your family. We even carry bear spray holsters to make sure that your form of defense is close at hand. Whether you’re looking for pepper spray for self-defense, a pepper spray gun for home defense, or bear spray for protection, you’ll find just what you need to stay safe with the selection at CERBE.