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Predator Calls for Hunting

Attract predator species closer with predator calls from CERBE. Whether you need a call for coyotes, foxes, mountain lions, or another predator, you’ll find high-quality calls from FOXPRO, Lucky Duck, and more. Our selection of predator calls includes both electronic predator calls and mouth calls so you’ll have the right call for the job. Whether you prefer the ease of an electronic call or the control of a predator mouth call, you’ll find more success on your hunt.

If you want to recreate realistic sounds of young coyotes or distressed rabbits and prey, an electronic predator call is a great option. Most of our e-callers come bundled with a remote and a motion decoy to entice nearby coyotes and other predators to venture closer to you. If you’d rather have more control over the sound, choosing a mouth or hand call will allow you to manipulate the sound more easily. Plus, handheld predator callers don’t require batteries, so you’ll always be ready to hunt. Shop predator calls for your next hunt at CERBE.