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With a longboard or skateboard from CERBE, you can ride around town or hit the skatepark in style. We offer longboards and skateboards from top brands like Retrospec, Razor, Paradise, and more so you can have a smooth ride. Plus, shop other boards like Ripsticks, Onewheel motorized skateboards, and more. We also offer accessories for Onewheel boards, including Onewheel chargers, bumpers, and fenders

CERBE has a variety of skateboards and longboard skateboards to suit every rider. If you’re looking to pull off tricks at the park, shop our selection of skateboards and skateboard pads. If you want a smooth ride on the pavement, browse longboards designed to recreate the feel of surfing. For a modern ride, shop Onewheel motorized scooters and ride around town with ease. Whether you’re a pro skater or looking for a fun new way to ride, CERBE has a skateboard or longboard for any rider. Shop skateboards and longboards for the whole crew at CERBE!