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Fastpitch & Slow Pitch Softballs

Whether you play fastpitch softball or slow pitch softball, CERBE offers a variety of training and gameday softball balls. Whether you’re looking for 11-inch softballs for fastpitch or 12-inch softballs for slow pitch, you’ll find the proper size softball ball no matter the style of game you play. Our fastpitch softballs feature raised seams to improve grip as well as the standard yellow color for visibility, while our slow pitch softballs feature a high-density construction to adhere to the slow pitch softball league rules.

At CERBE, our selection includes softballs from top brands like DeMarini, Dudley, Easton, and more. Whether you need a single softball ball or a bucket of softballs, you’ll find quality ASA softballs and USSSA softballs to choose from. It’s important to have plenty of softballs on hand before the training season starts. Be ready for the softball season with new fastpitch and slow pitch softballs from CERBE.