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Vertical Smokers for Slow Cooking

Smoke and slow cook meats and other foods with a vertical smoker from CERBE. We carry a variety of upright smokers and electric pellet smokers so you can smoke jerky, brisket, or other savory meats. Vertical smokers excel at low-and-slow cooking, making meat tender and juicy with a great smoky flavor. With vertical pellet smokers in a variety of sizes, you're sure to find the best smoker for your next barbecue.

Unlike a grill, vertical smokers are best used for slowly cooking meat at lower temperatures. This gives them extra time in the smoke for classic barbecue flavor. Upright smokers also offer more shelf space, meaning you can cook more meat at a time and feed everyone in the family. Plus, vertical smokers are designed to accommodate longer cooking sessions, making them a great option for those looking to smoke jerky or more tender cuts of meat. Create the ultimate BBQ feast with a vertical smoker from CERBE.