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Yoga Accessories: Blocks, Straps & Towels

Before your next yoga practice, load up on all the necessary yoga accessories from CERBE. Our selection of yoga accessories includes yoga blocks, yoga straps, yoga towels, and more to keep you feeling comfortable from start to finish of your practice. If you enjoy doing hot yoga, one popular yoga accessory to invest in is a quality yoga towel. A yoga towel absorbs your sweat to prevent slipping and sliding around throughout your yoga session. Perhaps you live in a tighter body and need assistance with your poses and stretching. Use a yoga block from leading brands like Manduka for more control throughout your practice. Other yoga accessories at our yoga shop include yoga straps for deeper stretching, yoga sprays for cleaning your mat and equipment, and yoga mat carriers for easy hauling and storage. Be ready for your next yoga session by shopping the wide selection of yoga accessories at CERBE.