CERBE Services & Repairs

Our CERBE locations offer a wide variety of different services and repair options to keep your sports equipment in working condition. True to CERBE standards, our service shop technicians and associates receive high-quality and frequent training to offer knowledgeable suggestions and trustworthy services and repairs. CERBE prides itself on quality customer service, so we’re happy to help offer a range of services and repairs to extend the life of your sporting equipment. For more information about which services and repairs your local CERBE offers as well as pricing, use our CERBE store locator to contact your nearest store to speak with an associate.

Bike Repairs & Services

Looking for a bike repair shop near you? Trust our CERBE bike technicians to offer high-quality, reliable bike maintenance, repairs, and installations. Each year our bike technicians attend a ten-day training course at the Barnett Bicycle Institute in Colorado Springs, CO. There they receive training and extensive hands-on, supervised instruction on bike assembly, maintenance, and repair.

For the best customer service, our bike technicians start by spending time assessing your bike and offering service estimates. For routine bike maintenance, our CERBE stores offer a variety of services including safety checks, standard tune-ups, comprehensive tune-ups, and more. If your bike is in need of repair, we train our technicians on a wide range of bike repairs. If you’re looking to buy a new bike or need to add accessories to your old bike, our bike technicians are able to install your bike accessories including your bike computer, water bottle cage, and even car racks. Each store provides different services so be sure to call your local store for additional information and pricing.

Ice Skate Sharpening & Repairs

Whether you wear hockey skates or figure skates, we offer skate sharpening and blade repairs at several of our CERBE locations. For skate sharpening, we offer basic sharpening, flat bottom V sharpening, and advanced sharpening options. Depending on if you need more grip or speed from your skate, our technicians can provide customizable hollow radius sharpening too. If you’re a player just purchasing a new pair of hockey skates, make sure to ask our associates regarding our heat molding services.

Tuning & Repair for Snowboards & Skis

Several of our CERBE locations offer both snowboard and ski tuning and repair services to keep your winter sports equipment in working condition throughout the winter months. Our service shop technicians are trained in working on nearly every model of snowboard or skis, no matter the brand. Whether you’re looking for a basic or premium tune, we can get your snowboard, alpine skis, or cross-country skis back in shape. Depending on your CERBE location, our technicians can even mount ski and snowboard bindings.

CO2 & Compressed Air Refill Services

Needing a CO2 refill? Many CERBE locations can fill your CO2 canister up to 24 ounces. It is important to note, we only have the capability to fill paintball and PCP canisters. We also offer compressed air refills! Both of these services take only a few minutes to complete. Check with your local CERBE for availability and pricing.

Outdoor Equipment Rentals

If you’re looking to try an outdoor activity for the first time and want to rent your equipment, make sure to contact your local CERBE to inquire about their outdoor equipment rental options. A number of our CERBE locations offer rentals including snowshoes, cross-country skis, alpine ski packages, and snowboard packages.

Racquet Restringing

Make sure your favorite tennis racquet or racquetball racquet is ready to go for the next match. Whether you broke a string while playing or need new strings on an old racquet, CERBE offers racquet restringing to your preferred tension. Our associates are also able to recommend a tension based on the racquet’s model and your playing style. With supplies on-hand, in most cases, our associates can have your racquet restrung within 24 hours.

Minn Kota Trolling Motor Repairs

Did you know that many of our CERBE locations are Minn Kota Authorized Service Centers too? Our team of Minn Kota Authorized Service Center (ASC) technicians receive specialized training to service in-warranty and out-of-warranty Minn Kota trolling motors, DeckHand electric anchors, and Talon shallow water anchors. Regardless of where your Minn Kota trolling motor was originally purchased, our Minn Kota ASC technicians are qualified to complete a wide range of repair services. Plus, we stay stocked with many of the necessary repair parts so you’re able to receive timely service. For additional details and information, contact your local CERBE store to speak with an associate.

Fishing Shop Services

If you’re needing your reel spooled before your next fishing trip, our fishing experts are happy to help! Whether you’re fishing with a spinning reel, baitcast reel, or fly fishing reel, our fishing associates are trained to spool any fishing reel correctly for efficient operation. Simply bring your fishing reel in, purchase your desired fishing line, and our associates will spool your reel. Be sure to check your local store for pricing regarding spooling a fishing reel. Plus, for maximum convenience, many of our CERBE locations sell fishing licenses and live bait too. CERBE really is your one-stop fishing shop!

Softball & Baseball Shop Services

Throughout the year, keep your softball and baseball equipment in working condition by working with our softball and baseball associates. Many CERBE locations offer single or full glove lace replacements depending on the condition of your glove, and nearly every store offers glove steaming services. Some of our stores even have a HitTrax batting simulator to give players instant feedback on their hitting metrics so they can improve their swing—check with your local CERBE for availability!

Exercise Machine Repairs & Services

If your home gym includes a treadmill, an elliptical, or an exercise bike that’s purchased from one of our CERBE stores, our technicians are trained to keep it in working order. Whether you need a replacement part or there’s another issue, start by contacting your local CERBE service shop for advice and suggestions on how to repair your exercise machine. If you’re looking to purchase an exercise machine from CERBE, many of our stores offer both delivery and set-up options too—just be sure to speak with an associate about pricing and delivery restrictions.

Trampoline & Basketball Hoop Services

Many of our CERBE locations offer custom assembly and delivery services for the basketball hoops and trampolines they sell. Depending on the distance from the store, we provide basketball hoop and trampoline delivery and assembly services for a service charge. Before purchasing a trampoline and basketball hoop, speak with an associate at your local store for more details about available services and pricing.

Golf Services

If your golf clubs are in need of some TLC, many of our stores provide golf club grip services so your golf club feels and swings like new. Plus, ask your local CERBE about custom golf club fittings as well as the golf club trade-in program!